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At Covenant College we are very intentional about being called a Christian School, we do not believe in just having a Christian Ethos and Christian values to underpin our education model, but rather believe in being a school where Jesus is the centre of our existence! We believe in a vibrant relationship with Jesus and a faith that is active and alive.

Each week our learners and staff have the privilege of attending and participating in a Praise and Worship assembly. We are passionate about the word of God and actively engage in Praise and the intimacy with God that Worship provides.


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The Power of Prayer

Prayer and devotions begin our day both in the staffroom as well as in each class. Our curriculum is biblically integrated, so whether our learners are studying the Cold War or simple addition and subtraction, God is woven into the lesson and a biblical perspective is always presented.

Furthermore, at Covenant College we turn our attention to our community and those that are less fortunate. Each term our learners participate in Charity Drives, these are not just about raising funds for a cause or donating much needed items but rather about actually going to the recipient of our funds or donations and learning about the cause and encouraging our learners to volunteer their time and talents to these causes.

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