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At Covenant College, academic excellence is the cornerstone of our existence.

Furthermore, we believe that academics are part of the partnership with the Cultural and Sporting disciplines. Our smaller classes and dedicated, passionate teachers, as well as our subject offering affords learners the best possible opportunity to achieve academically.

Academic excellence is the demonstrated ability to perform, achieve, and/or excel in scholastic activities. But, at Covenant College academic excellence is more than just achieving top marks in the grade, it is the maximum development of your intellectual capacities and skills and how those go onto fulfil our vision statement in that each learner will be equipped to take up their rightful place in society and make a meaningful contribution to society.

Primary School Academics Maths Problem Solving Thinking
Primary School Academics Classroom
Primary School Academics Maths Smiling Student
Primary School Academics Classroom Working Students
Primary School Academics using colour in maths
Primary School Academics working in the classroom

Our dedicated staff are always looking at innovative ways to present curriculum content and ensure that learners do not just retain facts but develop a lifelong love for learning!

High School Academics Science
High School Academics Students Art Class
High School Academics Students
High School Academics Classroom
High School Academics Computer Technology Teacher

Congratulations to our Top Academic Achievers of 2023

Primary School

Grade 4 - M. Booysen
Grade 4 - M. Booysen
Grade 5 - J. Naidoo
Grade 5 - J. Naidoo
Grade 6 - O. Mthembu
Grade 6 - O. Mthembu
Grade 7 - P. Mukendi
Grade 7 - P. Mukendi

High School

Khethelo Mazibuko
Grade 8 - Khethelo Mazibuko
Average – 79.70%
Donaleigh Loots
Grade 9 – Donaleigh Loots
Average – 87.35%
Oagile Mongala
Grade 10 – Oagile Mongala
Average – 88.5%
Kiara Naicker
Grade 11 – Kiara Naicker
Average – 89%
Mia Davidson
Grade 12 – Mia Davidson
Average – 80%