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Gary Mangena - Primary School Principal
Gary Mangena
Primary School Principal

Dumisani Gary Mangena became a member of Covenant College as the Primary School Principal on the 1st August 2022. His experience in education counts 17 years back when his teaching career began at Germiston South Primary School as a Mathematics teacher. In 2017 he rose to the rank of HoD at Glenview Primary School and later became a Deputy Principal at the same school in 2020. Mr. Mangena’s wish is to continue adding value to education and lead with integrity.

He strongly believes in Christian values, Christian education and how these can manifest themselves in the learners’ future when they leave Covenant College. He also believes in educating learners who will grow up to become responsible and accountable citizens of the Republic of South Africa.

Gary holds a Diploma in Education, B.Ed degree (Intermediate and Senior Phase), B.Ed Honours degree in Education Management as well as a Master’s degree in Education Management.